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3" DFC Society Challenge Coin Morale Patch (Front and Back) Magnetic

3" DFC Society Challenge Coin Morale Patch (Front and Back) Magnetic

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Introducing the DFC Society Challenge Coin Morale Patch (Front and Back) - An Emblem of Excellence!

Presenting our meticulously crafted 3" waterproof PVC patch, designed to pay homage to the distinguished recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Its hook/loop backing ensures a secure attachment, making it a steadfast companion during missions and activities.

Constructed from robust, waterproof PVC material, this patch is engineered to endure the harshest conditions, catering to the needs of dedicated servicemen and women on duty. Its detailed design encapsulates the essence of honor and achievement associated with the DFC Society.

Never be without a DFC Society Challenge Coin!

And here's the exciting part - you'll receive patches for both sides of the challenge coin, all for one price!

Beyond its practicality, this patch exudes a powerful sense of camaraderie and pride. By proudly displaying your support for the DFC Society, you're becoming part of a community that cherishes excellence and unwavering commitment.

Whether affixed to your formal uniform, tactical gear, or held as a cherished memento, the DFC Society Challenge Coin Morale Patch stands as a symbol of resolute support. Wear it with pride, affirming your allegiance to this distinguished organization.

Join us in achieving a Double Win today! Our esteemed client, the DFC Society, benefits directly from your support through this special offering. For every DFC Challenge Coin Morale Patch purchase, we pledge to donate 50% of all proceeds directly to the DFC Society, enabling them to sustain their vital mission.

Act swiftly, as the quantity is limited. Secure yours today to avoid missing out on this special token of appreciation for those who exhibit extraordinary courage and skill in the line of duty. Elevate your gear, express your support, and wear your loyalty proudly with the DFC Society Challenge Coin Morale Patch!

** Images are provided to show in action.  Please note, conceal/carry bag is not provided - only the DFC Society Challenge Coin Morale Patches.


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