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Byron Derringer, Principal

At the helm of our operations is Byron Derringer, a seasoned executive with over 32 years of diverse experience across the private sector, public sector, and Intelligence Community (IC).

Known for his results-driven approach, Byron is an accomplished IT technologist and automation professional who specializes in solving complex problems and delivering innovative solutions.

Throughout his career, Byron has demonstrated a robust ability to secure organizations and minimize potential threats, ensuring the safety and integrity of enterprise operations. His strong problem-solving skills, coupled with excellent communication abilities, make him a leader who not only understands the technical aspects of the industry but also how to convey complex concepts clearly and effectively.

Byron’s leadership is characterized by his ability to thrive in diverse and fast-paced environments. He is driven by challenges and the opportunity for development, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to achieve remarkable results.

Join us at CIPHER, where Byron Derringer's vision for innovation and security drives us forward, ensuring we remain at the cutting edge of technology and service excellence.

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